Help build her confidence

I have known Paula since March 2014. She helped create a tutoring routine for my daughter who was having great difficulty and anxiety with reading sounds in her second year (repeat) of Kindergarten. Paula helped her over a critical hump to build her confidence before her school could provide additional support.

Parent, Cambridge, MA

Reinforced my belief in the high quality of Paula’s teaching

I hired Paula to establish and direct a resource room program which ran for five summers. Adding to the many comments I got from parents over the years, reinforced once more, my belief in the high quality of Paula’s teaching and several children returned to summer school, just so they could work with her again.

Director of Summer School and Assistant Principal
Beverly High School, Beverly, MA

Gained confidence in his reading abilities

Paula tutored my son for two summers as he entered fifth and sixth grade. My son has dyslexia and after working with Paula he gained confidence in his reading abilities and was able to advocate for himself. This was a direct result of Paula’s work. Even his reading teacher was impressed with the confidence he had gained during just his first summer. Paula has been such an asset in helping my son succeed.

Parent, Franklin, MA

Matthew enjoyed the tutoring sessions

My son, Matthew, is in third grade and on an IEP. His reading is close to grade level but I contacted Paula because I was concerned about his spelling which was not good. Words he could easily read, he could not spell. Paula helped him over the school year to understand the spelling process and the difference between spelling rules that could apply to words and those words that were irregular and had to be learned in different ways. To my surprise, Matthew enjoyed the tutoring sessions since he finally realized that he could improve his spelling. I’m glad we found her!

Parent, Cambridge, MA

Able to assess and strategize reading profiles

Paula has consistently demonstrated her ability to assess and strategize reading profiles and I have been impressed with her teaching style, reaching children at all grade levels.

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners, Needham,MA

Paula was a wonderful teacher

Paula was a wonderful teacher who worked with my daughter over a three year period, beginning in third grade. She established a nice rapport with her and made the tutoring sessions enjoyable. My daughter has various learning disabilities and with Paula’s extensive background she understood those issues and devised effective methods to teach her.

Parent, Lynnfield, MA

Truly appreciated all the support

Paula tutored my son while he was in fifth grade. She helped improve his comprehension skills as well as strengthen his ability to organize his thoughts when writing. She enabled me, as a parent, to feel confident helping him with his homework, using a structure that we both understood. I truly appreciated all the support she gave both of us.

Parent, Brookline, MA

Brought enthusiasm and positivity to her teaching

We contacted Paula because we were unexpectedly told by our daughter’s preschool teacher that she was struggling in prereading skills – particularly recognizing letters and their sounds. We were surprised to hear this since it was already February, half the school year over. It appears now, in hindsight, that our daughter just needed more instruction and that’s what Paula provided. We saw Amy, our four year old, go from not having any confidence and not wanting to look at books to bringing us books that we could “read” together. Amy is now in K and is right up there with the rest of her peers. Paula brought enthusiasm and positivity to her teaching! She was a great resource for us.

Parents, Boston, MA

Critical “spoke” in moving him forward

Paula began working with my son who is dyslexic and has ADHD as he entered first grade and continued for five more years. That length of time speaks volumes for how my husband and I recognized that she was a critical “spoke” in moving him forward and we see him today, in middle school, as a much more confident reader. In addition, she also communicated with his public school teachers and participated in developing his IEP. We wanted her to continue helping him, but unfortunately both our schedules changed. We would highly recommend Paula!

Parent, Wnchester, MA

She knew how to make each lesson flexible and varied

Paula helped Julie, my first grader with beginning reading skills using an Orton-Gillingham approach. She taught Julie within her IEP framework and met with her moderate disabilities teacher. Paula saw her twice a week and she knew how to make each lesson flexible and varied enough to keep Julie’s attention, often a challenge after a long school day. Paula also brought along great picture books each week, serving as a “lending library” and we loved reading them! I would highly recommend Paula because my daughter improved so much that year as well as the fact that she thought that tutoring was “fun!”

Parent, Winchester, MA