Paula Tigar, M. Ed., Reading Specialist with Moderate Disabilities License


Preschool through Adult

Reading, Spelling and Writing

Orton-Gillingham and The Wilson Reading System are among the gold standards in reading remediation. I am certified in both Orton-Gillingham as well as The Wilson Reading System which when combined, require over 200 hours of training.

I am a Massachusetts Certified Reading Specialist (PreK-Adult) and also have a Moderate Disabilities license which enables me to help children whose reading profiles might additionally be impacted by ADHD as well as other learning disabilities. Dyscalculia, a math learning disability, is also an area of focus.

In addition, I often use supplemental instructional programs such as Lindamood-Bell, RAVE-O, and Project Read (naming just a few), depending on the needs of the student, always individualizing instruction.

Why Explicit Reading Intervention?

What I Have Learned

With over 20 years of experience, I have consistently witnessed that ALL students move forward when reading begins making sense to them. Children that struggle need structured remedial programs that allow them to grasp that reading improvement is an understandable process.

Reading Testing

Adds to a School and Neuropsychological Evaluation

I administer standardized tests that focus on reading readiness, phonics, comprehension, spelling as well as writing and create a reading profile report that provides specific steps for remediation.  I often work collaboratively within IEP meetings where my input is added to a neuropsychologist’s behavioral and cognitive assessments.  

In addition, I also use criteria-based tests that help parents understand where their child is around the skills needed on each grade level.  I received my training from Commonwealth Learning Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Northeastern University Graduate School of Education.