Choosing a Tutor for your Dyslexic Child over the Summer

Summer will soon be here and many parents are thinking about finding a tutor for their child in July and August.  A mother, father, grandma, aunt (who may even be a teacher!) etc. might believe that he/she can give the student the reading enrichment that he needs. Thoughts such as “I have teacher-recommended workbooks that I’ll follow,” or “I know my son needs help with short vowels so I’ll drill him daily,” might sound like the right thing to do, but often, these well-intentioned efforts might have the opposite effect.

Children, especially with dyslexia, need structured reading approaches that they can trust with consistency. They learn that reading steps follow a logical order, whether reading specialists use programs such as Orton-Gillingham or Wilson Reading.  My advise is to seek certified teachers that can support your child with the same reading instruction he’s been getting throughout the school year. Not only will he sustain what he’s learned, but he will also move forward!

Here’s to a summer filled with reading improvement balanced with a lot of summer fun!