Neuropsychological Assessment and The Dyslexic Profile

As parents, you might decide to seek a neuropsychological assessment after an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is in place for the school year. You want more clarity around your child’s learning profile, whether it be further understanding a medical diagnosis like ADHD or seeing if there might be other issues, e.g., an undiagnosed learning disability (besides dyslexia) such as auditory reception difficulties (your child not remembering what he has heard) or executive function challenges, which involve in part, daily organizational skills.

An assessment will help clarify your understandings and might result in implementing the IEP, which could mean, for example, more instructional time or in-classroom aide assistance. You might want to connect to a parent advocate for “assertiveness” around your child’s needs.

Within this process, it’s good to remember that educating yourselves should be a significant part of gaining the information you need. It not only involves the aforementioned support but additionally encompasses, learning from books such as OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA written by renowned dyslexia expert, Dr. Sally Shaywitz (Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity). Knowledge is power!