“Just Try Harder” – Not a Good Fit for the Dyslexic Equation

I recently came across an article by Dr. Travis Harker entitled “I Used to Think My Daughter with Dyslexia Needed to Try Harder” which highlighted what I have experienced at times with parents whose children are struggling. Often moms and dads think reading improvement is about trying harder, e.g., “if my child would spend more time reading with me, I just know he would be on grade level…”

Dr. Travis Harker shared in his story that he was often “guilty” of that kind of thinking though his inner voice was continually trying to tell him otherwise.  It wasn’t until fourth grade (my question: why the late testing???) when his daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia that he was able to understand that “trying harder” and dyslexia did not intersect.

Today, I’m happy to report both father and daughter are doing well—they are finally on the “same page!”