Dyslexic Profile: Mapping Reading Progress (summer counts!)

Reading progress is a given within the dyslexic span — from moderate to severe. Both profiles intersect in their need for structured reading programs such as Orton-Gillingham or Wilson.

Does progress go hand-in-hand with an O.G. or Wilson system?  The answer is YES!  Mapping progress though, can be a slippery slope.  At times, a student may grasp a particular phonetic lesson easily and at other times, a teacher may have to stay with a lesson much longer.  This is NOT a negative situation.  Parents should keep focused on the fact that their children ARE progressing and learning at their own pace.

Summer will soon be here and I hope parents whose children have been diagnosed with dyslexia realize how important it is to continue tutoring over the summer.  If their child has been using a particular reading program during the school year, I strongly recommend finding a certified tutor to reinforce the progress he’s made and to support him as he continues down this positive road!