Dyslexic Roots: Should Fluency Enter the Picture?

The inspiration for this blog comes from worried parents/caretakers who ask me often about fluency. It’s a natural response when they compare their children to peers who read effortlessly.

This picture reminds us that strong roots allow tree growth. Likewise, children need to establish strong roots β€“ phonetic roots, before fluency enters the picture. Fluency grows naturally as the child progresses. “Practice makes perfect”β€”the more a student reads, the more he will help his fluency.

Is fluency my focus? No, but there can be a fine line here.  Orton-Gillingham and the Wilson Reading System, “spiral back” in instruction, which means there is continual phonetic review. Continual review provides a good foundation for fluency and these reading approaches allow the child to experience success within a structured framework. Success leads to confidence and confidence leads to fluency. Fluency in turn, strengthens confidence which I witness on a daily basis. Yes, it is all connected!