Dyslexia Mindset: Positivity and Progress in 2021

Tutoring might have slowed down for your children during the last year, but “slowing down” will not stop reading progressthis is a positive mindset based on a dyslexic fact! Yes, having a solid remediation in place, like Orton-Gillingham or Wilson Reading, insures spiraling back for continual review. There isn’t a time table and children gain reading confidence in knowing this. Spiraling back and moving forward is the process that students learn to trust.

A positive mindset also includes on-going attention to growing your child’s positive attitude towards the instruction he needs. Talking to him about the supportive structure of his reading program, helps keep him focused and grounded.

In addition, there are “invisible” processes that also help grow a positive mindset. I’d like to share an article entitled The 6 Attributes of Successful Dyslexics which underscores steps parents/guardians etc. might further want to take, to nurture and encourage positivity in their children’s lives.