Dyslexia, Sesame Street and the Pandemic

The pandemic has got me thinking more about “reading time” well spent and Sesame Street is right up there on my list…

Parents are impressed today, by how their young children can “maneuver” around Apps on their iPads or iPhones. Many of them are great learning tools for all reading levels.


it continually amazes me, that the one “App” or television show which is aired many times during the day, is often forgotten…Yes, I’m talking about PBS’s SESAME STREET.

Times have changed and children “graduating” from most preschool programs are expected to recognize letters and sounds. In Kindergarten, we can often find them reading sight (e.g., the; one; do) and phonetically-based (e.g., cat; dog; big) words.

I know from first-hand experience, that those children who are more adept in pre-reading skills, have often been “brought up” on Sesame Street and because of that exposure, they demonstrate an advantage. Sesame Street can support a child with dyslexia since each episode reinforces letters/sounds in a creative, fun way. I’ve also found that English-Language Learners especially benefit.

Now that we’re hunkering down more during the pandemic, Sesame Street is that “magical street” your child can visit often, without ever leaving home!

I hope you’ll turn on Sesame Street (and/or record).  Watching two, three and even more times a day, should not be a worry. It’s one win-win situation for all during these challenging times!